About us

Hodis Film is a video production studio established in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, offering a wide range of specific services:

  • Pre-production (script, scenography, etc.)
  • Production (directing, filming, etc.)
  • Post-production (editing, special effects, color correction, etc.)
  • Distribution (social media, TV).

Our technical equipment is specific to the film industry - image acquisition in 4.6K RAW format, special lenses, various filters, etc., and the source video material is edited and colour corrected in a calibrated pipeline. Every detail, from the location, intensity and color of the light, to the distance between the subject and the camera are carefully directed and controlled.

Our typical products are video commercials, corporate identity movies, presentation movies, music videos.

Cosmin Hodiș-Mîndraș

Founder of Hodis Film, Cosmin has over 25 years of experience in the field, providing services for customers such as HBO, FashionTV, Banca Transilvania, Farmec, Eximtur, Crama Bauer, Restaurant Casa Vernescu, or Casino Palace. Equally a visual artist and an engineer, he coordinates all operations including directing, camera work, editing, and color correction, controlling the entire process from pre-production to delivery.